Road trip

It’s been a fun Friday. For a start, no work. So happy days for a star. But to tell you the truth I was excited about having guests over. So with the flat suitably kiddy proofed it was off to Dorset to kidnap an entire family. But it’s OK, they were willing abductees. Not like I had just driven a hundered miles and randomly kidnapped a random family. They did know I was coming to get them.

So with the car loaded up we all headed north back to Gloucester. Quite a pleasant drive really. Took the scenic route. Even took the little toll bridge through Bathampton. Once back home there was time for a little bit of fun & games on the Wii. Get the kids fed and off to bed. Then get the adults fed and then chill out in front of the TV. So a couple of hundred miles and a really nice evening. All good fun 🙂