DIY is a dangerous pass time.

So a day off. YAY! A nice long leisurely lie in and then I found myself tinkering with my PC. I’ve been trying to get TF2 to run over my network. The off-line practice is all well and good, but there are no achievements. So I got around to creating another Steam account and downloading the dedicated server program. All kinds of fun. But my BT home hub keeps resetting it’s self. This drops the connection and causes no end of trouble. if I do manage to get it working, then I end up with no access to the load out option. So I found myself this morning experimenting with a hub. After trying various different things with wires all over the place I came to following conclusion. I’ve no idea what is wrong. Running the game as just a LAN game is all well and good, but the server can’t talk to Valve, so not secure. Or something like that the error message was saying. As soon as a connection to the outside world was established, all would be OK for a couple of minuets then there would be the “click” noise from the home hub and that would be your lot. Something has changed since about two updates ago that my home hub doesn’t like. Sod it, I’ve no idea. Might be time to change to new black home hub.

So with all that teckie debris cleared away it was off to Bristol to run the gauntlet in Ikea. it’s a strange place. i tried using the short cuts through the show rooms, but still managed to get lost and double back on myself. So especially miffed when I got to the self service area and found the shelf I needed was back in the show rooms. I felt like a salmon swiming up stream going against the flow of numerous members of Joe Public. I eventually found what I was looking for the the help of a friendly assistant. Had a random moment of comedy on the way out. A woman with a strong Afrikaans accent was showing her two kids where Johannesburg was on the map, and explaining that is where they lived. One of the little boys than commented that the humongous map would come in handy for Geography home work. he had one of the thickest Bristol accents I’ve heard in ages. Made me smile.

So shopping complet, there was the joys of trying to get a shelf fitted to the wall. A bit of modifications was needed. So this did require a trip to B & Q to get some cutting disks for the dremmil. As is normal for my life, I stopped in on the Doctors to get my eye looked at. Apparently it’s OK, I’ve just got to see if it gets any worse. If it does, then it’s off to the eye specialists. OK, slightly scary.

So cutting disks in hand it was back to hack the shelf down to size and then fit the thing to the wall. I’m slightly prone to over engineering things. So in true style, there is now a shelf capable of supporting a load that will not actually fit on the shelf. May be the fixings I used were a little over kill, but you don’t want the shelf to fall down now do you?

A chilled evening. Chatted to a friend on the phone, seems like his PC has died a death. So I’ll be popping round his in the future to drop off another mother board for him. He’s got most of the bit’s he need for a new rig. Just needs a PCI-E graphics card and a processor for it. The graphics card is kind of sorted out. So it’s down the the triangle. What? Don’t know what I’m on about. There is a triangle for life. It’s got three criteria. Good. Fast. Cheap. You can have two out of three.