Simple snowballing plans

Or – The joys of motorbike ownership

It’s starts out so simple. Then subtly snowballs. So a simple plan of “Find out why Orihime rattles”. Well I know it’s coming from the air box. So a little read up of the manual and it’s out with the tool box.

First task: undo 2 hex bolts.

Why the hell is there rusty oily water coming out of the hole for the frame mount? Seriously, WTF?

So retreat to the house and get cloths.

Bolts off, why won’t this come away? Oh, HT lead to the front cylinder is routed around the frame. Did you take your bike out for a ride before? Is the engine hot? Did you burn your hand? How many bad words did you utter?

The neighborhood is now quiet, all the birds have flown away. All the cats have scarpered. And most of the dogs have now stopped yapping.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found the truth of the rattle. Which is when there are supposed to be two screws holding the frame on, it helps if there are in fact two screws. Rather than just one.

So that was simple. But now you have found that there is also only one rubber pipe attached. The manual said there would be two. Oh there it is. In mid air, not actually attached to where it should be.

Well, while you’ve got the air box off, you really should take a look inside.

WHY? Why would I do this. The “Can of worms” metaphor is clearly lost on me.

I undo the one screw holding the lid on. Inside is a lot of debris and the captive nut rattling around from the other screw mount. There is also the foam air filter.

Now I think it’s safe to say that this hasn’t been opened in quite a while. I’m quite certain that this is supposed to be oiled. I’m rather confident, that even with my nonexistent biker mechanics know how that the foam should not disintegrate into dust before my eyes.

Yep, that’s naddgered.

So more cleaning out of debris and a parts list now forming in my head. Along with a single dark thought of “If the air filter is this bad, what the hell is the oil filter like?” Which gives me a feeling of cold dread.

So after a lot of cleaning out, and by some miracle having enough of the foam filter to give a light coating of WD40 to, I put Orihime back together. Connecting the pipes to where they should go. Acutely aware that there is still only one screw holding the air box together.

And amazingly she starts and runs!

So now that lunch has been consumed, it’s off to the bike shop to order in some parts.