Slowly getting back to normal

Well I’m just about getting this site back to how it was. I had very limited time before I went away on holiday. I left Saturday night and got back today. So after doing some domestic chores. Chatting to BT and getting a better deal that will save me a £110 per year. I thought I’d better get this site sorted. So thankfully the back up isn’t that old. And a stroke of luck in that my Google reader still has the missing posts. So I’ve managed to update the theme and some of the links. Although I can’t get the gallery working. But that will have to wait. So at the moment there are some very unfinished old posts. Not ideal, but I needed some place holders.

So in lue of incomplete posts and no storys of awesome from being up near Hull, here is a picture of a giant teddy bear sitting in the passenger seat of a car in the Morrison’s car park in Evesham…

Fluffy passengger

Teddy gets a lift in a BMW