Still tinkering

Why is it that “Under Maintenance” takes so long?

Any free time I’ve had recently has evaporated and turned into other things. There’s the “Who Dares Grins Annual Rodgering” for a start. I’m slowly working my way through the story boards. Still got to go prop shopping, so that should be a goodgiggle. I think I’m mostly there in terms of my imagination. There are still one or two things I still can’t decide on. Backgrounds, the kind of shot, stuff like that.

So when it comes to this site, well, between the domestic chores that always pile up and my natural ability to get easily distracted when I’ve got nothing pressing to do. Trawling through a hundred plus posts and creatively editing them doesn’t fill me with giddiness. So needless to say that project has been on a bit of a back burner.

In short the last couple of weeks have been good, all in all. Work has been diverse and engaging. Friends and family are alive and well. I’ve made it to the last couple of Frag Fests and had a really nice time.

So I’m currently in the middle of the long stretch section of my rota, so I’ll be seeing time off at the end of next week. I’m already filling it up with things to do, so I’ll see how I feel about pulling on the editors hat and reading through the ramblings and rantings of my mind. Alternativly┬áI may think “Sod it” and just carry on and pretend that there is no other postings and get back to writing.

Keep Grinning people ­čÖé