Supprisingly cheerfull

I woke up to day in a surprisingly cheerful mood. I’m not sure what is causing it and I’m not going to complain. There is something nice about starting the day with a smile on your face. Even if the Wii Fit Board seems determined to lecture me. Well his batteries are running low, I’m going to let the little sod starve.

Work is continuing to be simple and straight forward, which is all kinds of good. So after triaging the calls that came in, it didn’t take long for parts to be arranged. So down the road to Bristol to collect a generic monitor, then hope over the bridge and up to Hereford. The staff were greeted with a 50 megawatt smile and it didn’t take long to replace the monitor. A simple fix and one happy customer. It’s definitely the kind of transaction I like. Simple work = maximum happy.

The next job was also a doddle to do. Just a little remote to get to. It was a retail site over out at Llandrindod Wells. Some awesome sceanery on the driver over there. I got to the site and found that the staff had already fitted the replacment part. So all I had to do was take away the old part. So just paperwork to fill in and then a drive home. So all in all a very straight forward day.

The evening was a giggle. I had ordered “Crysis – Maximum Edition”, and it was waiting for me when I got home. A bit of a massive install. I lost count of the giga-bytes. What I was after was the mod. The geek in me loves the Mech concept. So I was very impressed with the “Mech Warrior – living legend” mod that I had seen running on Fade’s rig some time ago. However the mod is about 1.8 gig. So I was looking at a few hours of download to say the least. So with that ticking over I gave Crysis a whirl. Very nice. So before I got totally immersed in the game, I saved at a check point and left eh PC downloading and went to bed.