Cheap Cosplay Armour Set Stand

So you’ve just built yourself a full Cosplay armour set – CONGRATULATIONS! Now, where on earth are you going to put it?

So for this build I used the following:

A kitchen work top off cut (Two pieces screwed together)

x4 screws

x1 3 meter metal trunking pole (Cut equally in half)

x1 coat hanger

For this to work I figured that the poles would need to bend to fit better. But as I don’t have any way of easily doing that, I opted to simply drill the holes off centre. So that the poles would plug into the base and lean forward.

A word of caution – When living in a small 1 bed flat, you will run out of room very quickly. You TV will never bee seen again. You will scare the daylights out of yourself and guests that you fail to warn.