Feeding Imagination

IMG_6185.JPG    So over the last few months I’ve been using my free time here and there. A couple of hours of an evening. Or perhaps a half day or so when I have time off work. So what have I been doing? Five packs of anti-fatigue foam. A short section of hose. Two 12cm polystyrene balls. Some nylon nuts & bolts. Some craft knives. Some jogging trousers. Some plastic buckles. Some webbing straps. Two milk bottle tops (red). A copious amount of glue. And a pair of my old sandals.

The end result? A rather happy young lad. Totally worth it 😀

The Emperor Protects! IMG_6200.JPGIMG_6207.JPG For The Emperor! IMG_6208.JPG

For a first build I’d have to say it’s not too bad. Some things worked really well. The elbow joints. Other parts did not work out. The back pack is just too far off centre. So the balance of the upper torso is just pants. But it was easily unbolted. And it even survived more than two hours of “Testing” 😀


Images uploaded and posted with kind permission of the mini Marine’s parents – October 2013