PC Gamer Weekend – London

The lovely and amazing Wendy from Muse Games asked if I would like to help out as a booth babe at the PC Gamer Weekender event. That was the easiest “YES” I’ve given in a long time. I originally met Wendy and the team at CoxCon 2017 in Telford. They were and incredibly warm and welcoming bunch who made me feel at ease. And thus I was able to be myself. This is a good thing I’m told.

The game is called “Guns Of Icarus – Alliance”. It’s got a strong Steam Punk ascetic, so this called for a stable outfit. So basically goggles as I was working to a nearly non-existent budget.

So with all the arrangements made, it was ff to London on the train. And it wasn’t long before I was at Paddington station.

So it was up early Saturday morning and across the city to the venue – The Olympia in Kensington. There was a short panic as the booth had no hardware. This was quickly sorted out by the amazing venue staff. Especially as I blew the electrics three times. Turns out using an American power adapter rated to 110 volts will trip a 220 volt rail. Thankfully the on site electricians didn’t murder me and just took the micky out of me all weekend 🙂 But we were up and running just as the doors opened to the public.

Saturday was an amazing blast. I had so much fun. that wasn’t work. That was hanging out with friends and having a giggle. More of a party atmosphere. As Saturday drew to close, the event staff threw a little party for all the staff.

Now a word of warning on “Sugar Coma” 🙂 So near to where we were all staying was a fantastic late night cafe called Creams. Along with a luxury hot chocolate, me & Jay chose a hot cookie dough, ice-cream and Oreo cookie dish. We went from being rather tired to sugar rush supreme. and then on into what Jay later described as “A sugar coma”.

Waking up Sunday morning was challenging.

But a copious amount of Tea and breakfast and we were all good to go and Sunday was a great blast.

My heartfelt thanks to Muse games, Wendy & Jose, Jay, Ben and all the people that came along to the booth for a fun packed unforgettable weekend.