Building a Wolf Helm

I’ve been thinking about a 40K Space Marine Cosplay build. And I like the Space Wolf chapter. So a wolf helm is in order. Thank fully there is a shop on Etsy that has loads of different polygon masks. So go check it out. You buy a PDF file that you simply print out on you desktop printer. Cut it out and stick it together.

I purchased myself a wolf mask and a skull mask a while back. I had great fun putting them together. So for my cosplay build, I printed out the design onto the thickest cardboard my printer would take. But then I also cut out templates on some 6mm sleeping mat. As I wanted it too look thicker.

Here’s what I ended up with.

IMG_20160406_171959 IMG_20160408_165904 IMG_20160408_170046 IMG_20160408_170145 20160508_192941 20160508_193111 20160508_193135 20160508_155150 20160508_155202 20160508_181834 20160508_181856 Wolf Helm