Take the tape off first

Thank Crunchie it’s Friday.

So the first gig was a retail site in Gloucester. A good way to start the working day with a job on you front door step. So a short drive in to the city centre. The problem had been reported as a problem with the HP printer used for reports. Found that the problem was the fact that site had recently installed a new black ink cartridge and had forgotten to remove the protective tape from over the print head part. That made me smile. So not far to travel and a simple fix.

On to the next job. A retail site over at Caldicot. But first I stopped of at the Bristol parts depot to return the unused and faulty kit that I had on board. Now the job was to replace the touch screen. But I got to site and found that the courier hadn’t been. Now that will make replacing the screen a little difficult. A quick chat will call management reviled that the courier wasn’t going to be delivering the part unit the next day. So a little bit of customer support with the owner on site and it was time to get some lunch.

Seeing as the next job was going to be down the road in Chepstow, getting lunch in Chepstow seemed like the best option. A nice relaxing lunch break listening to the rain pound the hell out of the roof of the car. Thankfully it did stop raining by the time lunch was over. So on to the third job. It was for a retail site. the fault was reported as one of the till coming up with “Please insert system disk” message. What it actually turned out to be was a message about the date and time needing setting. So I set the date & time. Happy days. With no other work lined up and drove back home and worked my way through the usual process of reports & emails.

With that all done I can look forward to having two days off. YIPPY!

So a typical Friday evening ensued. In other words Frag Fest! A good giggle, all in all. As soon as the server filled up it got in to it’s usual pace of fun & forelocks with a large helping of banter. Nothing like a nice evening of chasing your friends down with a flame thrower.