Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

An odd Friday, work wise. I got the kit back to the depot for repair and then seemed to spend most of the morning triaging the calls. One part was set aside for an unusual return, in that I took it direct to a courier rather than put it in to the normal repair loop. The guys in tech support wanted a look at it. With that done it was back out to a retail site that I had done a temporary fix on. I was needed to copy over sales data from a disabled till to the working till, so that the customer could have access to the sales information for the site. With that job done it was back home to get the admin for the day finished off and sent out.

Being a Friday it meant one thing. Frag Fest! So off to the server for some gratuitous fun. A dam good giggle. There was a real good feel to the server tonight. I some how managed to fluke my way to the top of the score board. The enormity of this was too much for my PC. Which chose that moment to wet it’s self and crash. Taking the score board and info with it. So that when I got the PC rebooted there was no trace of the miracle of my performance. Bummer. I suppose there was the risk of the evidence tearing reality apart, so it’s probably for the best. No worries, back on the server to continue the fun & games. Special mention has to go to Fade for planting a mental image in the minds of many that will take a lot of therapy to correct.

So only one more day to go and I get a day off. Result! I really should get my act together and book some holiday.