That just about wraps it up for 2012

That's it for 2012

Happy New Year

As the last few hours of 2012 slip by, I find myself thinking back a little further than I usually do. Typically this time of year will be filled with “My top ten (insert subject here) of (insert year hear)”. And then there is the aftermath of the Christmas experience and the Boxing day sales. Which is always an eye opener. Or maybe the more pressing matter of the end of year booze up. In short, reflection is not something that should happen at this time of year.

For me, I look back on the last year and in all honesty, it’s been pretty awesome. I’m relatively good health. I still have a home. The job still brings in money. Ok, so I didn’t win the lotto. But there is always next year. In all honesty, other people lives have been a lot more interesting than my own. But then again, they don’t have such awesome hats 🙂

So in a year of ups & downs, the over all balance is good. I hope you all had a good year. And that the next and following years continue to get better and better.

Keep Grinning,