The joys of time off

With no alarms set I still woke up with a guilty feeling at 7:00am. After a couple of moments to ensure that all was well, I forced myself to have a lie in. And it was great. But as with all things, it needed to come to an end. So with a slightly muzzy head and and guilty feeling that I should be at work, i made a start on my day.

The Wii fit board is not my friend. 2lbs have come from no where. I’m not having that. A quick reset, but it’s still bad news. RIGHT! lets try the floor in the kitchen. Bad idea, now heavier by 3lbs. The rage builds. The probability of a Wii fit board sailing through the window is increasing. Opening the window first is optional. So back on the carpet and with bad grace I accept the sarcastic question and inevitable lecture from the jumped up white plastic tea tray. Oh are your batteries running low? Starve you little git! Grrr!

So in a delightful upbeat mood I attach the various domestic chores around my home. So the hoover is bullied around the various rooms, and then the fish tank is subjected to a a thorough de-algeing. With that out of the way it’s time to see what is left on the shelves. Not an awful lot it seems. So a shopping list is knocked together and then it’s off to Sainsburys. totally unprepared. Did I have a pound coin for the trolley? No. So a hand basket soon becomes very overloaded with stuff. Did I remember to bring a bag with me? Or may be the plastic crate? No. So my eco-karma takes a knock. Never mind. the flat is clean and the shelves are stocked back up again.

So the rest of the day is spent in the most pleasant of pass times with a light bit of WOW. the next few days are going to be an adventure. I’m off to see some friends and then kidnap them back to Gloucester. So the flat is going to be full again, which is going to be a giggle. Mainly because I get to see my friends. Attempt to be a good host. But above all i have a legitimate excuse to watch cartoons because I can say I’m entertaining the kiddies. All good fun 🙂