TV is massive

So Saturday. Old TV’s are heavy. They’re also huge. Me and Fade had fun trying to get an old 32″ CRT TV in to his & HeX’s home. Getting it out the car wasn’t too much of a challenge. Getting it in their home was. After the narrow door and corridors had been navigated, the next challenge was to find somewhere to put the monster thing. Just a little too big and heavy to put in the home of the old TV. So a sketch book and a tape measure were broke out. Fade disappeared off to the man shed to play with power tools. I went up with the garden and mooed as the cows with their kids. The end result is that HeX & Fade now have a fully working TV. I’ve managed to make the their DVD recorder work to record things off the free view box. So feeling slightly chuffed. And I’ve had a great day out. I’ve also eaten chocolate. So all kinds of good.

Tired now. Time toget some sleep.