Unlucky for some

Now this might be begging for trouble.

Friday the 13th Today is Friday the 13th.

But what is the big deal? This year I decided that I was going to try and give up superstition. After all what do magpie’s know about what is going to happen in the future. OrĀ  how does staring up into the sky and uttering a desire to a humungous hydrogen reactor actually make it manifest? Walk along a path, no worries. Put a ladder there and it’s bad Karma. But take away the ladder and spell is broken? Broken mirrors? Accidents happen for crying out loud. And then the weirdness concerning black cats. UK side of the Atlantic, good luck. USA side, bad luck. WTF!? So today is the 13th day of the month. And it’s a Friday. And?

On very loose grounds of science I purchased a lotto ticket. I’m yet to win anything on the Premium Bonds I brought 7 years ago. So I know my luck is purely chance. Yet it’s fascinating that the default state for the human condition is that of hope. Of optometrist thinking. Although it’s been a long week, and not a particularly good one. And next week is really going to suck balls deluxe. So that will be a test of positive thinking. Strewth I’ve had a grump on some nights this week. Take that program on Sky at the moment, Touch. All kinds of good. I think it’s the guy who was involved with Heroes. But that sodding kid. GRRR! I thought Newt from Aliens 2 was annoying. But that mute brat from Touch has just taken the award for character that is most likely going to make you arise from your chair like a vengeful dime-God and punch the TV. And breath and relax. At least I’ve got a weekend off to relax and unwind before next week arrives to continue the process of dissolving my soul.

Good luck everybody.