A Fab Adventure

Tuesday was a fun day. Instead of going to various customer’s sites, I went here instead…

Bolton Office

And there I met the call planners…

Call Planners

And the Technical Support fellas…

Technical Support

From a working standpoint it was nice to see how the work comes in to the desk, and how it’s processed, even before it gets to an engineer’s PDA. Being remote, the perception is that the PDA makes a noise and there’s your job. I had no idea how clunky and unintuitive the system is that the desk have to deal with. So it fills you in on the bigger picture of the whole process, and hopefully I’ll be able to adjust my working methods to try and make the process easier all round. It was certainly helpful for me, as at least I now know how my input is reflected in the system.

But from a social standpoint it was an excellent giggle. It’s always good to put faces to voices and emails. So with that in mind I made a last minuet detour for vital supplies, arrived at the office, submitted the office to a 10 mega watt grin through the security glass and they still let me in. And this was before they knew I came bearing sweeties. So a month late, but a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year greetings were issued to all. This in turn did get me awarded with an excellent mug of tea. And as every one knows, engineers are powered by tea. I also said “Hi!” to the lady that deals with all my paper work. She wasn’t too best pleased with me. But that’s understandable considering she just had to process all my holiday requests that had come in. Hopefully the box of chockys will soften the blow. [Note to self – don’t forget the lady that pays your overtime, and sorts out your holidays]

So an excellent day. I even managed to get my sweaty little mits on a soldering iron. Just got to find a home for that in the tool box. That reminds me, I’d better buy some solder as well.